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DENVER — The city of Denver is getting creative with its marijuana education program.

Just as kids head back to school on Monday, the city is showing students the consequences of drug use.

To show students how much is at risk when they chose to use drugs, the city teamed with Elitch Gardens to display the consequences in a unique way.

“Denver has a very unique approach to youth marijuana prevention and education,” said Eric Escudero with the city of Denver.

The city call this the “High Costs” campaign. It aims to show kids the effects of underage use.

On Sunday, the city put a big green bus in Elitch Gardens to demonstrate the consequences of underage use.

The bus was full of more than 6,000 footballs, comparing that to a college scholarship. The goal was to show students what they could give up by using drugs.

“There absolutely is some dangerous and health effects as far as brain development and how that can affect a youth, but there’s also other ways that using marijuana underage can negatively impact your life … such as the loss of college financial aid,” Escudero said.

“I’m really glad that these folks are here educating the kids about the risks of underage marijuana use and we support that type of education,” a parent said.

The city says the feedback and statistics show the program is working and they’re encouraged to come up with more creative ideas in the future.

“So far, so good. Actually marijuana usage by youth is going down by Denver and in Colorado as a whole,” Escudero said.