DENVER (KDVR) — The price of goods, from gas to groceries, continues to rise in the Denver metro area.

The latest report on the Consumer Price Index shows which goods are getting pricier and by how much.

Inflation in Denver is tracking right along with the rest of the country, with prices up 6.4% from this time in 2022. Still, the trends show inflation is not rising at as fast of a rate as it did last year, when there were historic highs.

How much grocery, energy prices have increased

At the grocery store, key goods have gone up over the last two months.

Cereal and bakery goods are up nearly 4%. Fruits and vegetables are seeing a 3.7% increase, while meats, poultry, fish and eggs are seeing a 3.2% increase — with eggs being a big driver.

Energy prices show more concerning numbers. Just looking at December to January, there’s been a nearly 8% increase in energy prices, mainly driven by natural gas.

But the big driver is gasoline prices, which have risen more than 16% from December to January. Suncor’s refinery shutdown is the main reason behind that inflation.

Keep in mind that inflation has been a consistent issue now for two years. Looking at January 2021 to now, prices across the board in Denver have grown more than 14%.