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DENVER (KDVR) — Burglars broke into a construction site in Denver and swiped thousands of dollars of vital tools and equipment. The crime was caught on camera and now the search is on to find the suspects.

On Monday afternoon, just days after the incident, crews were still hammering away and working hard to build a 127-unit condo building along Santa Fe Drive. Dohn Construction is the general contractor for the project. Jeff Ayers, director of business development and division manager, recalled that day with FOX31.

“The chances of getting that stuff back are pretty slim,” Ayers said. “They stole tools, they stole equipment, and they stole property. But they also just did damage: cut cords that didn’t need to be cut and caused damage to things that really didn’t benefit them in any way.”

Early Thursday morning on March 10, around 3:30 a.m., surveillance video shows what appears to be two men walking around the construction site, grabbing everything they can carry in their hands and tossing it over a wall. Ayers said they believe the men got into a white SUV and drove away.

During the video, one of the suspects is seen climbing down a ladder while another is seen dragging the stolen goods in a trash can. Ayers said the video proves the men were at it for about two hours.

“The superintendent opened up the site and kind of noticed that some things were off and then realized that someone had cut a hole in the back fence, entered through the alley, and through the back fence,” Ayers said.

Theft is on the rise and a growing problem in Denver. Ayers said this isn’t the first time he’s experienced theft on the job but is surprised about the number of items stolen. He estimates the cost at $20,000.

“It’s really upsetting,” Ayers said. “Unfortunately, it happens quite a bit, but every time you feel pretty violated.”

No stranger to theft or vandalism, Ayers said this recent incident is the worst he’s ever seen. He added that several subcontractors are working on the project and each day roughly 70 to 90 people are on site, and many of the items stolen were personal tools.

“Your bags are really personal,” Ayers explained. “You use them to make a living and feed your family and do all of those things­­. They took that also, which is pretty sad.”

Dohn Construction said the burglary has slowed things a little, but they’re continuing to get work done with the condo building expected to be complete in 2023.

“We’ve got to push forward and try to get people’s things replaced and get them back to work so we can keep moving,” Ayers said.

He said the company is looking into filing an insurance claim for the stolen items.

Denver Police is investigating and said no arrests have been made. If you know anything or recognize the suspects, give them a call.