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DENVER (KDVR) — Update 7 p.m. Denver City Council on Monday approved a ban on the concealed carrying of weapons in city facilities.

“We believe residents and visitors of Denver have an expectation that when visiting a Denver park with friends, family, and children anywhere in our system, that each park is a gun-free zone. The same is true for city buildings,” City Attorney Kristin Bronson said in a statement. “This bill is not intended to assess the character of concealed carry permit holders. It is commonsense legislation designed to increase the level of safety in city facilities by reducing the number of firearms present at any given time. Look, accidents happen, and accidents involving guns can have disastrous and tragic results.”

Penalties for the non-criminal civil violation will include:

  • $50 for a first offense
  • $999 for subsequent offenses

Original: Denver City Council is considering banning conceal carry guns in all city buildings, recreation centers and parks.

Earlier this month, a city park on Denver’s west side was shut down after a man was shot and killed there.

Supporters of the ban say it will make city properties safer. But those opposed argue the measure eliminates a person’s right to defend themselves and is possibly unconstitutional. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners members are lobbying against the measure.

There would be exemptions for law enforcement, military personnel and licensed security guards among others.

Violations would begin at $50 but could go as high as $999.

The measure is part of Mayor Hancock’s Public Safety Action Plan for 2022. Public comment will begin at 5 p.m. Monday evening prior to the full city council meeting.