DENVER (KDVR) — Denver City Council members will vote on a proposal Monday to make delivering marijuana more convenient for business owners.

Bill 22-0960 would amend marijuana transporter and delivery provisions, marijuana business fees, and provide for clarifying changes. Essentially, it proposes lowering the cost of permits by prioritizing business owners from underprivileged neighborhoods.

Attached to this proposal is the “social equity” mandate. This hinders dispensaries from delivering marijuana and encourages people from disadvantaged neighborhoods to create their own delivery service.

Some other requirements for delivery owners include making less than 50% of Colorado’s median income and having a past marijuana charge or arrest for themselves or a family member.

For instance, under the social equity mandate, the costs for the required permits are cut in half.

This comes as the City of Denver’s annual report details marijuana sales dipping last year.

Denver City Council will vote on the proposal at 3:30 p.m.