DENVER (KDVR) — If you are looking to start your day with a cup of joe or find an afternoon pick-me-up, there are some great coffee shops across Colorado.

In fact, according to a new list out from Trips to Discover, one of the top 25 coffee shops in the Untied States is located in Denver.

“After taking into account everything from sustainability practices, variety of roasts, atmosphere, and overall quality, we’ve pulled together our final list,” Trips to Discover said.

Coming in at number 22 on the list is Dandy Lion Coffee in Denver. It is located at 5225 E. 38th Ave. and is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

“Love to pair your coffee with a peaceful setting? Head to Dandy Lion Coffee Co. to find the usual combination of coffee and horticulture. This half plant shop half coffee joint is known for its weird and wonderful flavor combinations served up with a vibrant backdrop and the chance to walk away with a new houseplant,” Trips to Discovered shared.

Dandy Lion Coffee has 4.9 stars for 126 reviews on Google.

“Really lovely atmosphere tucked in a quiet neighborhood. Bonfire breakfast burritos and pastries make for light food options to complement a nice variety of coffee options. From young students and remote workers, to retirees, this is truly a comfortable community space for all,” one reviewer explained.

Top 25 in the U.S.

Here is a look at the top 25 coffee shops in the U.S., according to Trips to Discover:

  1. Panther Coffee – Miami, Florida
  2. Camber Coffee – Bellingham, Washington
  3. Publik Coffee – Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Day Glow – Chicago, Illinois
  5. Cocoa Cinnamon – Durham, North Carolina
  6. Giv Coffee – Canton, Connecticut
  7. Slow by Slow – Boise, Idaho
  8. Narrative Coffee Roasters – Naples, Florida
  9. Cafe du Monde – New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Cuvée – Austin, Texas
  11. Orchard Coffee – Waynesville, North Carolina
  12. Artifact Coffee – Baltimore, Maryland
  13. Black Bear Coffee House – Denali Park, Alaska
  14. Sambalatte – Las Vegas, Nevada
  15. Domestique Coffee – Birmingham, Alabama
  16. Please & Thank You – Louisville, Kentucky
  17. Kid Dream Coffee – Beverly, Massachusetts
  18. Cafe Volan – Asbury Park, New Jersey
  19. Cutbow Coffee – Albuquerque, New Mexico
  20. Abraco – New York City, New York
  21. Gilly Brew Bar – Atlanta, Georgia
  22. Dandy Lion Coffee Co. – Denver, Colorado
  23. Magnolias Sous Le Pont – Dallas, Texas
  24. Morning Glass – Honolulu, Hawaii
  25. Roasting Plant – Detroit, Michigan

Dandy Lion Coffee also has a longer milk menu compared to standard coffee shops, with options like Vietnamese condensed milk, as well as macadamia nut milk oat milk, according to Trips to Discover.