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DENVER — Thousands of people gathered in Denver Friday to protest climate change, joining protests organized across the globe.

Protesters mobilized three days ahead of the United Nations Summit on Climate Change in New York, hoping the demonstrations push leaders to take “real action” in the fight against climate change.

Organizers of Friday’s strike estimated more than 7,500 people left schools, workplaces and homes to demand climate action, according to a news release from Colorado Climate Strike.

“This was the most beautiful unification of the human telos I have ever experienced. Watching this develop from a few beautiful people, to 5,000 was such an empowering experience. I think the day went unbelievably well, and am excited for what the future holds for all of us,”said Liam Grove, 16, Denver, in the release.

According to organizers, strikes were held in more than 30 Colorado cities and towns.

Their demands to Colorado leaders included “an end to all fossil fuel expansion” and “a rapid and equitable transition to 100% renewable energy.”

Youth organizers submitted their demands to Gov. Jared Polis and gathered signatures on a petition supporting the calls for climate action.

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