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DENVER — The Denver City Council voted Tuesday night to support a proposed ban on controversial bump stocks, the device that can increase the speed in which a gun can be fired.

The Las Vegas shooter used a bump stock on at least one of his weapons during the rampage that killed nearly 60 people in October, allowing him to fire as many as 90 rounds in 10 seconds.

The bill would ban any device for a pistol, rifle or shotgun that increases the rate of fire and repeated activation of the trigger.

The proposal would also make it illegal to have a gun magazine that holds more than 15 rounds. The current limit in Denver is 21. That change would put the city in line with Colorado state laws.

Council members voted unanimously to support the ban, but it was not the final vote.

The final vote on the issue is expected to happen at the city council meeting on January.

If the proposal becomes law, the fine could be as much as $1,000 and up to 180 days in jail.