DENVER (KDVR) — Members of the Denver City Council voted to move forward with three measures impacting the future of the Park Hill Golf Course.

The city council meeting went on until after midnight Tuesday, and ultimately members voted to pass all three measures.

What are the 3 measures for the Park Hill Golf Course?

The first measure, which is in effect now, creates five metropolitan districts in Park Hill.

The second measure changes the zoning law for mixed-use development with open space.

The third measure, and the most controversial, removes a city-owned conservation easement on the land. Initially, this meant the land could only be used as a golf course.

The conservation easement proved to be the sticking point for many residents.

“Pouring concrete on 50-plus acres in the former Park Hill Golf Course, you’re going to be permanently destroying open park space and the opportunity to maximize the parkland that this city desperately needs,” one resident said.

While on the other side, another resident said, “This plan allows us to reclaim and rebuild a thriving community, provides needed affordable housing and promotes sustainability. More importantly, it’s just the right and moral decision.”

This paves the way for the space to potentially transform into a future development site for Westside Investment Partners.

What’s in the Park Hill Golf Course redevelopment plan

According to the city’s proposal, the plan would include:

  • Using 100 acres of the land for parks and open space
  • Adding youth and recreational sports
  • Building a variety of housing options like affordable housing
  • Creating spaces for businesses
  • Adding grocery store and food options

The city council members’ “yes” votes to change the conservation easement now puts the measure on the ballot in April. Whether or not it moves forward from here will be determined by Denver voters.