DENVER (KDVR) — Inside Denver’s Dos Luces Brewery, owner Judd Belstock is still finding debris from last week’s crash.

Tuesday morning, Denver Police say a woman lost control, crossing oncoming traffic and smashing through the brewery’s front door.

“I’m finding dust in places you didn’t know there could be dust,” Belstock said. “I dusted the plants yesterday.”

Belstock’s landlord had a temporary door installed the day of the crash, but they’ve been waiting for a city inspector to give them the go-ahead to reopen. They received that permission Monday and officially re-opened Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s nice to feel like things are normal again,” he said.

Brewery hopes for visitors to recover from shutdown

Belstock said nearby businesses have been carrying and selling his beers, but he said the week-long closure was a big hit.

“One week for a business like this is the difference between making rent or not,” he said. 

He’s hopeful the community will support them over the next few weeks. 

“It’s really important,” he said. “We have a lot of catching up to do.”