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DENVER (KDVR) — Boy Scout Troop 376, in Denver, parked their trailer at a local church on Florida Avenue near Holly Street and found it stolen on Tuesday.

The scouts affectionately call their trailer “Flo.”

“The trailer itself carries all of our camping gear, stoves, our tables, tents and sleeping bags and our food,” Scoutmaster James Eric Lupo said. “It has our lanterns, our propane.”

Lupo said Flo was even customized for the scouts and their camping trips.

“We have a lighting system that was installed,” Lupo said.

So why do they call the trailer Flo?

“One of the scouting grandmas actually received an inheritance and donated her inheritance to purchase the trailer,” Lupo said.

But all that was left this week were the blocks used to the chock Flo’s tires. Lupo filed a police report, spread the word on social media and asked neighbors of the church for any surveillance video.

“I’m a physician and I’ve even talked to my patients about getting the word out about the trailer missing,” said Lupo, who has three boys in the troop.

“It made me kind of sad and angry,” a younger Lupo, Nathan, said.

“As scouts, we follow the Scout Oath and law, and that means being nice to others, treating them as we would treat them,” Nathan said.

Nathan said Flo’s theft serves as a lesson for him and his fellow scouts.

“You shouldn’t steal, because this affected us so deeply,” Nathan said.

If you see the trailer, you may contact Denver Police.

If you’d like to help the Boy Scout troop, you can do so at this GoFundMe account.