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DENVER — A nonprofit based in Denver serves countries all over the world by offering free dental clinics, and is always looking for more volunteers.

“We set up our clinics in usually a school room, and so we have mobile units that run off of generators and compressors,” Katy Troyer, a representative with the nonprofit, said.

With Global Dental Relief, people from all over Colorado go on multiple trips a year to various countries offering free teeth cleanings, fillings, and extractions to about 25,000 kids a year.

While directors and organizers make things go, the project doesn’t continue without the help of volunteers.

“I get to really feel like my work creates a difference in peoples lives,” Peter Vanicek, a retired Dentist and now volunteer, said.

Doctors are always helpful when providing dental are, but anyone can volunteer. Anthony Vanicek is an attorney and recently went on a trip.

“I thought what could I contribute to someones teeth, but they take volunteers from a brand spectrum of different backgrounds and there’s always something to do wether it’s sterilizing instruments or doing intake,” he said. “I think one of the things that shocked me the most was you had some communities that would walk up to eight hours one way to receive these and knowing that it’s valuable to them that they’re going to do that.”

“All you need is a heart for adventure and a will to give back,” Troyer said.

The volunteers do pay their own way, including airfare. The nonprofit is hosting its annual party to celebrate all the work they do on Sept. 18.