DENVER (KDVR) — Police working the Stanley Cup Final say they have been planning for this moment for months. And now that the games are here, authorities are asking the public to follow instructions as they try to keep everything secure.

The Denver Police Department said they planned in advance and set some staff aside for this final run.

“We’ve been preparing for some time, so we certainly have a pretty robust security plan,” said Ron Thomas, DPD Division Chief of Patrol. “We adjusted our staffing models so we’ll have plenty officers on the street through extra duty and also working with private security companies to maintain security at the venues.”

DPD did not want to reveal too many specifics about how many officers will be where, but they say they will be around for actual games and the watch parties. The city’s emergency operations center is activated too.

There is one concern among all the security teams: people sneaking items into the venues that are not supposed to be there.

“We understand the security aspect of these different venues and how they may not want people to bring large bags, large items that things can be concealed in. We’re concerned about that too, so certainly we want people to leave those things at home so that everyone around them can feel safe,” Thomas said.

In an effort to keep those items away from the parties, you cannot bring these items to the Tivoli Quad watch party, which is standing room only.

Weapons, outside food or beverages except for factory-sealed water bottles, blankets, chairs and backpacks are prohibited, among other items. The goal is to keep the good times rolling.

“We want people to be safe. We understand people are going to be engaging in adult substances, but we just encourage people to be safe,” Thomas said.

Police also want to encourage sober driving and for people to keep an eye out for pedestrians that will be doing a good bit of walking near Ball Arena.

Denver safety plan for Stanley Cup Final

Denver released a “synopsis” of their safety plan for the Stanley Cup Final:

  • The Denver Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Joint Information Center (JIC) will activate to monitor all home game Colorado Avalanche Pepsi Zero Watch Parties.
  • The Denver Office of Emergency Management (Denver OEM) is coordinating with the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM), state and federal law enforcement partners to evaluate potential threat assessments surrounding the Stanley Cup finals.
  • Denver OEM has prepared an Emergency Preparedness Action Plan in coordination with city agency partners, the Avalanche, Visit Denver, and other regional partners in preparation for a Stanley Cup win, resulting in any post-victory celebrations.
  • The Denver Police Department (DPD) will have resources available to respond to safety concerns or illegal activity. Off-duty officers and private security will be handling safety inside the arena, as they have been throughout the season.