Denver Army veteran concerned for Afghan interpreters’ lives, one said he is ‘completely hiding’

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DENVER (KDVR) — One local Army veteran connected FOX31’s Rogelio Mares to some Afghan interpreters who say they fear for their lives since the Taliban took over the country’s capital.

“Mr. Mares, I beg you, please, please, please broadcast this message to every American,” an interpreter who wants to remain anonymous told FOX31.

“I’m completely hiding and I’m at home and cannot go out,” he said.

It’s utter desperation in Kabul for some people right now where there’s no electricity and no certainty for their own futures.

“Right now, I even can not speak aloud,” another interpreter who wishes to keep his identity private said.

People who worked with American companies or troops are relying on anonymity for their safety. These interpreters described situations where neighbors either protect you or out you.

“Everybody keep silent in their houses because they think that we are in danger,” one said.

They said the only sight in the Afghan capital is American aircraft evacuating Americans.

“Right now, all of here is dark, just you can see in the sky apache, that they are transfer the people,” he said.

Angel Guma, an army veteran in Denver, told FOX31 the lives of the interpreters and their families are in danger because soldiers like him were beneficiaries of their guidance in the country. Something that is not lost on Afghan interpreters.

“If they know that people worked with the Army, especially those who worked with U.S. Armed forces, they’re going to investigate,” one interpreter said.

“Everyone knows that we have worked for the U.S. Government,” another interpreter added.

Some of them described a process to acquire a special visa for Afghans who were employed by the U.S. Government as anything but organized.

“The thing is that right now the process has been screwed up with them. Everyone who has access to the airport, they can go to the airplane, the one who can bribe, they can go,” one said.

The ever-changing situation is an actual matter of life or death for them.

“Today we are talking with you but we do not trust that whether we’ll be alive or not,” one said.

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