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DENVER (KDVR) — Americans are traveling again, but AAA Colorado said some folks might expect a tricky trip back to work on Monday.

“People are going to be a little out of the habit of commuting, both in the morning and the evening, that’s to be expected,” Skyler McKinley of AAA Colorado said.

Because of the busy travel season, one group in Denver, “Colorado Independent Drivers United,” decided to quit driving for several hours this weekend.

“They were going to need rides so we did pinpoint a very specific time in the morning on that Saturday to send a message,” Steve Lustig, with CIDU said.

While they’re not an officially recognized union, the group said they have leverage against big ride-share companies.

“We have to use the power that we do have which is the workers, the drivers,” Lustig said, “without us, these companies are just zeroes and ones, they’re just an app.”

In a statement to FOX31 Lyft, in part, said the following on this protest: U.S. Drivers earned on average north of $35 per hour including tips and bonuses in the last quarter.

For their part, Uber reported earnings for drivers in Colorado as some of the highest in the country at more than $37 an hour.

“We’re demanding a transparency on the ride algorithms from Uber and Lyft,” Lustig said.

Colorado Independent Driver’s United said they want more information about their rides and how much of a cut the companies are taking.

“A ride from the airport to downtown Denver are like $17 sometimes,” Lustig said.

The group said they may plan another protest on a busy travel weekend again soon, but wouldn’t commit to providing a specific date.