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DENVER — Sales of Girl Scout Cookies kick off Sunday and run through March 10, but before you’re able to get your hands on a box, the girls selling them had to collect their stash early Saturday at Elitch Gardens.

At 6 a.m., parents of scouts across metro Denver arrived in the parking lot to load up on thousands of boxes of cookies that will be sold for just over one month.

“The most cookies that I’ve ever sold is 2,171, and it was a lot of booth sales and a lot of good work,” said Katie Hurley, a Girl Scout of nine years. She said she accomplished the feat by setting up booths all across Denver.

Bianca Morrs also capitalizes on booth sales, highlighting the decline of girls selling cookies door-to-door in recent years.

There will eventually be 27,000 booths set up across Colorado. A few booths will be set up outside of Denver marijuana dispensaries, though sales at those sites have been modest in the past.

AnneMarie Harper, public relations director with Girl Scouts Colorado, emphasized the fact that all local cookie profits stay in Colorado and help fund activities for local troops, including camp, which can sometimes prove too pricey for parents.

Cookie lovers won’t see those booths outside of local grocery stores until Feb. 15. Until then, you can look up the closest booth to you by using the Scouts’ online cookie tracker.