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DENVER (KDVR) — Reckless driving, “donuts” in the parking lot, and neighbors being kept up at night — it’s becoming a problem for the Downtown Aquarium.

FOX31 viewer video showed the mayhem from Sunday night at the Downtown Aquarium parking lot. An employee who works in the area told FOX31 they’ve seen the illicit activity outside the aquarium “many times.” Neighbors describe the nighttime joyrides as annoying.

The Denver Police Department confirmed reports of reckless driving at three Downtown-area locations Sunday night, including at the aquarium parking lot.

“It’s dangerous to even go for a walk anymore,” a Denver resident said Monday.

Reckless driving in Downtown Aquarium parking lot irks neighbors

The lot is full of skid marks. Denver said this type of activity is considered a nuisance that can lead to a fine of $999 and vehicle impoundment.

“It’s really picked up since it has gotten warm,” a neighbor named Kaitlin said.

Kaitlin lives in an apartment across Interstate 25. She has a bird’s eye view of the lot where she said “a ton of people” were gathered Sunday night.

“Yesterday it was so loud,” she said. “I had to put on headphones and have a fan noise on my phone turned up all the way.”

The Problem Solvers want to know what the aquarium is doing to mitigate the nighttime joyrides.

FOX31 reached out to Landry’s Inc. Downtown Aquarium repeatedly Monday via its corporate phone number. Late Monday, FOX31 also emailed Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations, an organization that responds to media requests on behalf of Downtown Aquarium. A response was not provided.

FOX31 found damaged chains and posts at parking lot entrances.

What are Denver police doing about street racing?

For about a year, Denver Police said it has dedicated resources, including a police helicopter, to monitor and disrupt street racing and “donuts.” Police said it can be challenging to hold drivers accountable because they tend to leave their rubber-burning scenes in a hurry.

DPD provided the following information for those who observe reckless driving:

“To report street racing, exhibitions of speed or planned events that organize illegal street racing, visit,” the DPD email read. “Also, to report street racing or reckless driving by phone, witnesses should call 720-913-2000 or call/text 911. If motorists find themselves in a situation with vehicles racing around them, they are encouraged to try separating themselves and safely moving away from those vehicles.”

FOX31 requested a year’s worth of reckless driving reports associated with the Downtown Aquarium parking lot. Due to a city-recognized holiday, the request could not be fulfilled on Monday. Police said the request could be researched starting Tuesday.