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DENVER — The Denver City Council unanimously approved a plan for a tiny home village in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood on Monday night.

The plan will move the temporary village from 38th and Blake streets in River North to 44th Avenue and Pearl Street. The city council says that the 11 tiny homes will provide 22 homeless people a place to live.

The city will lease the land to the village at a cost of only $10 a year for an initial term of one year, with options to renew for an additional two years.

The project is part of Denver’s collaboration with a nonprofit. The goal is to transition people out of homelessness.  But Globeville residents say they have safety and sanitary concerns.

“There was never a, ‘Hey—do you guys mind this village being here?’ It was, ‘This village is going to be here, so you better make an agreement,’” said Globeville resident Jazz Leroux.

In response to feedback and input from the Globeville neighborhood, the lease agreement for 4400 N. Pearl can only be renewed for a maximum of three years, instead of four years as initially proposed, the city said.

The plan also includes provisions to ensure the village has a clear screening process for new residents; maintains the property, including keeping walks free of snow; allows the city access for periodic inspections; and participates in regular check-ins with the Globeville community and the city.

The temporary location at 38th and Blake streets had to move because of an affordable housing development that is slated for the location.

33 people spoke at Monday night’s city council meeting.