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DENVER (KDVR) — Another strike could be imminent at Denver International Airport after security officers voted in favor of walking off the job as they fight for better pay.

Security officers told FOX31 that 95% of them voted to strike, saying they want higher wages and fewer hours. It could happen as soon as next week.

A DIA security guard, who asked not to be identified, said that despite not wanting chaos at the airport, they are prepared to walk out.

“We don’t want to have that kind of chaos at the airport — we don’t want that,” the guard said.

“Our demands have really been falling on deaf ears,” said Steve Maritas, with the Law Enforcement Officers Security Unions.

Maritas has been part of negotiations with the contractor who employs them, Healthcare and High-risk Security Services. Officers are in a wait-and-see position right now.

“People are waiting to set up the time and day when we’re going to be striking,” he said. Maritas said the ball is in the employer’s court.

“Right now we’re going to give them an opportunity to come back and come up with some decent money for our members,” he said. “We told them yesterday that if you guys don’t come up, we’re ready to go strike.”

In a statement provided to FOX31, HSS said its salaries and benefits are competitive and it cares deeply about its team members, but the company does not wish to negotiate through the media.

“Everyone needs to know that our security officers are one of the lowest-paid workers in that airport,” an officer said.

Some officers previously told FOX31 they make less than dishwashers at restaurants in the airport.

Meanwhile, security officers remain on the job for now.

FOX31 heard from the contractor, HSS, for the first time since talks of striking began.

HSS also said in their statement that if a strike does happen, they have a plan in place to ensure no interruption to service at DIA.

These security guards, who are contracted by the airport, are different than the TSA officers when you go through security checks at the airport.