DENVER (KDVR) — On Sept. 14, Mayor Mike Johnston released a budget letter with his plans for the 2024 budget of $1.74 billion. If you don’t want to read through almost 800 pages worth of the Mayor’s 2024 Budget, here’s what you need to know as outlined in the letter:

The 2024 budget increased by 3.7% from 2023’s revised budget of $1.68 billion.

In the 2024 budget, the mayor said he is focusing on five priorities, which include: affordable Denver, safe neighborhoods, a vibrant and revitalized downtown, a greener Denver and housing for all.

Affordable housing

Johnston said he wants to make Denver an affordable city to live in. Here’s what he plans to spend it on:

  • Develop 3,000 affordable homes in 2024
  • Add 25,000 units of permanently affordable housing over the next eight years

Allocated amount: Up to $100 million

  • Add three full-time inspection positions to the Affordable Housing Review Team
  • Launch a reform study of building and zoning codes with procedures that will make the process quicker

Allocated amount: $565,000

Safer neighborhoods

To help make Denver safer, Johnston said he would like to expand the city’s police force and mental health services. Here’s what he has proposed adding:

  • 167 new police recruits

Allocated amount: $8.2 million

  • Fund co-responder programs and Support Team Assisted Response
  • Add a second Wellness Winnie team, a mobile mental and behavioral care service

Allocated amount: $9 million

  • Add 90 beds in community corrections as treatment alternatives to prison
  • Fund the Behavioral Health Solutions Center, which is a 24/7 treatment resource for those who are having a behavioral health crisis

Allocated amount: $7.2 million

Renovating downtown

For the city center to thrive, Johnston said he wants to make downtown more welcoming. Here are the renovations:

  • Finish the 16th Street Mall
  • Stabilize businesses affected by the mall construction
  • Maintenance of the downtown Convention Center
  • Attract new businesses and visitors near 16th Street

Allocated amount: $43.7 million

  • Safe bus rapid transit (BRT) option along Colfax

Allocated amount: $14.7 million

Making Denver green

Johnston says 45% of Denver’s emissions come from transportation, which is why he’s focusing on vehicles.

  • Electric vehicle replacements for old city vehicles
  • Electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Allocated amount: $3.5 million

  • Add bike lanes, Safe Routes to School, pedestrian crossings, neighborhood traffic calming and implementation of Denver
  • Denver’s e-bike voucher program
  • Community rebates, incentives for more transitions to electric vehicles

Allocated amount: $19.1 million

Housing for everyone

Johnston said he is sticking with his plan to get more people housed in 2024. Here’s his plan:

  • Bring 1,000 more people out of unsheltered homelessness

Allocated amount: $39.2 million

  • Rental and utility assistance programs
  • Free legal services for households facing eviction

Allocated amount: $14.6 million

Johnston briefly explained the breakdown of expenses in his budget letter. These actions will take effect in 2024 if Denver City Council approves his budget proposal.