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DENVER — Former presidential candidate John Hickenlooper is running for Senate.

Hickenlooper made the announcement official early Thursday morning.

More than 10 Democrats are already running for the Democratic nomination and most have said they have no intention of dropping out.

“This won’t be a coronation,” State Sen. Angela Williams, a current Senate candidate, said.

Candidate Mike Johnston also implied he is staying in the race.

“I am so grateful for the support we have received from people in places across the state, am energized by the campaign that lies ahead, and excited to win back control of the Senate and get to work for the people of Colorado,” Johnston said in a statement.

Andrew Romanoff also said he won’t drop out.

“I’m running for Senate  — I intend to stay in this race — because I’m running to get things done,” Romanoff said.

Alice Madden also announced she would not drop out. Lorena Garcia said she is still running and so did Trish Zornio.

Even Dan Baer, who was appointed to a prominent post in the Hickenlooper administration years ago, said he would stay in the race.

“There are new voices ready to lead across our state and in the U.S. Senate, voices who understand that there is no back to normal, there’s only forward to normal,” Baer said. “That’s why I was running yesterday, and that’s why I’ll be running tomorrow.”

Hickenlooper has received several endorsements from prominent state senators to members of Congress and presidential candidates.

Kamala Harris, Ed Perlmutter, and State Sens. Kerry Donovan and Jessie Danielson have expressed support online.