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LITTLETON, Colo.– One of the most famous and controversial prisoners housed in Colorado could soon be headed home.

Former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevic is currently in federal prison in Littleton.

He has served seven and a half years of his 14 year sentence. President Donald Trump says he is considering commuting his sentence. Sources say that could happen as early as Monday.

Political analysts say the decision will certainly have an impact on the upcoming presidential election.

“The Blagojevich situation is angering not just upsetting some republicans, truly angering them and this could backfire significantly on the president”, Andy Boian, political analyst.

FOX31 spotted Blagojevich exercising in the prison yard on Sunday. He was shirtless and sporting a full head of gray hair.

If President Trump decides not to commute the sentence, Blagojevich is scheduled to remain in prison until February 2023.