DENVER (KDVR) — Many may not realize debt collectors can reach out via text, email or social media, experts say.

Regulations around debt collecting were modernized in late 2021, but experts stress collectors do have limits.

“It is important to understand that there are boundaries, there are things that debt collectors can’t do,” Matt Schulz, Lending Tree Chief Credit Analyst said.  “And if they step across that line, you need to call them on it.”

Schulz says a debt collector cannot reach out publicly on social media; collectors cannot post on profiles, rather they must make contact through private messages.

Collectors reaching out over the phone cannot call more than seven times per week and debt collectors must wait seven days after a phone conversation to call again, Schulz says.

To differentiate a scammer from a debt collector online, Schulz says the person reaching out must identify themselves and be clear about the debt they are trying to collect.

“When they first reach out to you, they have to provide information about the debt they’re collecting,” Schulz said.  “And some of the specifics around it, who they are and also what some of your rights are.”