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DENVER (KDVR) – Illegal drag racing continues to be a dangerous menace in the Denver Metro area, resulting in a death downtown Denver on April 3.

Jessica Allen was killed while driving on 18th Street and Lawrence Street.

John Dahmer, the driver of a white SUV, and the driver of a black pickup truck were drag racing when Dahmer’s SUV hit Allen’s vehicle, killing Allen, according to Denver police.

“It beyond saddens me that because of the dangerous decision to drag race, Jessica Allen is no longer with us,” said Police Chief Paul M. Pazen.

“The consequences of drag racing are real and I hope that the next time someone considers racing that they think of Jessica and how this careless act changed the lives of her loved ones and our community.”

Dahmer was arrested at the scene and is currently being held for vehicular homicide, vehicular assault and DUI, said police.

Denver police warn of the dangers street racing events, which can cause injury and death to other motorists and bystanders.

In March, traffic came to a standstill on Interstate 225 from Colfax Avenue to Alameda Avenue. Aurora police say about 600 to 800 cars were caught in the gridlock after illegal street racers blocked access to the southbound lanes.

Report street racing through an anonymous tip online or call 720-913-2000 or call/text 911.

Dedicated resources, including a helicopter, are used by Denver police to monitor and disrupt street racing events.

Drivers caught street racing can lose their drivers’ licenses with a 12-point traffic violation, be fined up to $999 and have their vehicle impounded.