AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Aurora city council member is considering a $1 million lawsuit against the person who filed a false child abuse complaint against her.

Councilor Danielle Jurinsky sent a notice of claim involving Robin Niceta, who’s charged with making up a child sexual assault complaint tip against the councilwoman.

“I am mortified by this. You don’t think this could happen to you, then it does,” Jurinsky said.

The notice is addressed to the Arapahoe County Board of Commissioners. Niceta is a now-former caseworker with the Arapahoe County Department of Human Services.

A “notice of claim” is not a formal lawsuit but a step taken before a formal complaint is lodged with the court.

Niceta, the partner of fired Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, is accused of submitting the tip anonymously in retaliation against Jurinsky, who pushed for the chief’s firing. Jurinsky was outspoken against Wilson and even went as far as saying “Chief Vanessa Wilson is trash” during an interview on the Steffan Tubbs Show on Jan. 27.

Investigation into casework requested

Should the formal lawsuit be filed, Jurinsky would be taking action against Niceta in both her personal and official capacity as a former Arapahoe County social worker.

It would claim retaliation, malicious prosecution, defamation, slander and infliction of emotional distress for damages of no less than $1 million, according to the notice of claim.

Police have already filed two charges against Niceta in the case: one for retaliation against an elected official and another related to her role as a child services worker when she allegedly made the report.

Jurinsky said she also wants Niceta’s record as a social worker reviewed. The county said it’s requested an investigation.

“Arapahoe County Department of Human Services has asked the Colorado Department of Human Services and Attorney General’s office to do a review of any complaints regarding Robin Niceta’s casework, and they’ve agreed to assist,” a county spokesperson said. “The timeline and scope of the review is unknown, and this is all the information we can share at this time.”