DENVER (KDVR) — Residents and city leaders are frustrated by the delays on some much-needed road safety improvements along 13th and 14th avenues in Denver.

District 5 Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer said there have been plans in place since 2020 for improvements to these dangerous roads. She said her office can’t do anything with these unused plans since the roads are deemed part of the High Injury Network, which is run by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“I know that there are funding challenges, I know that there are staffing challenges and I know that there are a lot of reasons why these traffic calming measures may not have been implemented and constructed yet along 13th and 14th,” Sawyer said. “But at the end of the day, our residents don’t care. What they see is a car in their neighbor’s house.”

We reached out to DOTI for answers and they said the work is coming this summer. Twenty-one intersections on 13th and 14th are getting painted and posts to shorten pedestrian cross and slow down drivers. The work is part of Denver’s Vision Zero plan.

Here’s a breakdown of the intersections that have been identified for improvements based on recommendations in the East Area Plan: 

  • On 13th Avenue: (12 intersections)
    Grant Street, Logan Street, Pennsylvania Street, Pearl Street, Washington Street, Gilpin Street,  Williams Street, High Street, Cherry Street, Krameria Street, Uinta Street, Verbena Street
  • On 14th Avenue: (9 intersections)
    Gilpin Street, Williams Street, High Street, Josephine Street, Colorado Blvd, Cherry Street, Krameria Street, Uinta Street, Verbena Street

The reason for the delay? They were set to begin this work in 2020, but they didn’t receive any bids for the project. They decided to combine it with a few other projects they needed to tackle to fast rack and now, a contractor is on board.

The work order was submitted earlier this month and once construction begins, it’ll take 180 days or less to be completed.