GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — The Colorado First Judicial District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that charges have been filed against the owners of two pit bull dogs involved in an attack last month that killed a woman and injured her grandson.

The district attorney’s office said Kayla Mooney, 33, and Victor Bentley, 29, are the alleged owners of two 7-year-old pit bulls that were involved in the attack that killed Mary Gehring, 88, and injured her 12-year-old grandson. (Police previously released Gehring’s age as 89 years, but an arrest affidavit confirmed her age as 88.)

Mooney faces two felony and two misdemeanor charges of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog. Bentley faces one felony charge and one misdemeanor charge of unlawful ownership of a dangerous dog.

According to Colorado legislation, a dangerous dog is defined as any dog that:

  • Inflicts bodily or serious bodily injury upon or causes the death of a person or domestic animal
  • Or: demonstrates tendencies that would cause a reasonable person to believe that the dog may inflict bodily or serious bodily injury upon or cause the death of any person or domestic animal
  • Or: Engages in or is trained for animal fighting as described and prohibited in section 18-9-204.

The district attorney’s office said a summons has been issued for Bentley and Mooney. Both are scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 22 for advisement of charges.

The attack happened in the 15000 block of West First Avenue around 3:35 p.m. on Sept. 14. When officers arrived, they found blood leading into the home and came upon two dogs attacking the grandmother in the backyard.

The officers tried different methods to separate the dogs from the woman by yelling and getting in between and even using Tasers and less-lethal shotguns to get the dogs away from her. But none of those tactics were successful.

The dogs were captured following the attack and taken to a local veterinary hospital where they were examined and treated for injuries. One was euthanized due to its injuries and the other was later euthanized at Foothills Animal Shelter after its owners surrendered ownership.