Dangerous deer that gored a woman has a history of recent attacks

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BLACK FOREST, Colo. (KDVR) — Fall is a time of change in the community of Black Forest near Colorado Springs. You can see it in the trees and also in the wildlife.

However, those changes can also be dangerous. Alex Love experienced that last week when a deer started following her. She started rolling on her cellphone camera as she tried to scare the deer away.

A second after the video ends, however, the young buck gored Love, stabbing her with his antlers.

“Once it went after her leg, she started choking it with her hands and she put it in a headlock. She’s a boxer and teaches boxing,” explained her friend, Sarah Burke.

Love managed to separate herself from the deer and she screamed for help. Burke came running and she started recording the deer following Love, not realizing she’d been attacked.

“I thought it was cute and harmless,” she said.

It was only once the two were behind the safety of a gate that Burke realized how badly her friend had been hurt.

“She was pretty shaken up. She had several holes in her thick hoodie and then her pants. There were about six to eight punctures. She said it’s going to scar,” said Burke.

It turns out the same deer had attacked before.

“We’re the third ones from what I’ve heard,” said Diamond Nester, another one of Love’s friends.

Just days after the deer gored Love, it also gored a woman who was walking her dog. The deer jabbed the woman in the abdomen and continued to gore her even after she ran into her own garage. She suffered cuts to her head and legs and was hospitalized, but is expected to recover.

Others had encountered close calls with the animal as well. Jamie Williams says he narrowly avoided being attacked.

“I just went out to get the newspaper in the morning and he came right up to me and he wanted to get right next to me and I wouldn’t let him, and I threw pine cones at him and rocks,” Williams explained.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has since euthanized the deer, but Burke hopes her friend’s story serves as a lesson to others about the dangers of domesticating and approaching wildlife.

“It was pretty scary and she’s pretty shaken up, and I don’t think I’ll look at a deer the same,” Burke said.

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