DENVER (KDVR) — While the damaging hail has moved out of the state after Wednesday’s severe storm, rain showers are still causing problems around the Denver metro.

According to the Pinpoint Weather team, flood watches are in effect across the Front Range and Eastern Plains Thursday. One state park is already experiencing road damage from that heavy rainfall.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced that parts of Cherry Creek State Park, located at 4201 South Parker Road, are closed due to damage.

Photos provided by CPW show the amount of water that has flooded parts of the park, in some instances completely covering the roadway.

  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage-6
  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage
  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage-7
  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage-5
  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage-2
  • Cherry-Creek-State-Park-damage-4

The heavy rainfall has also caused parts of the road to break off.

CPW has closed off the road near the Cherry Creek Crossing parking lot as seen on the map.

Parts of Cherry Creek State Park are closed due to the damage sustained from heavy rainfall on May 11, 2023. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

All other park entrances are open as well as the dog parks. However, be cautious when venturing outside, the rain will continue to fall throughout the day before tapering off by mid-morning on Friday.