DENVER (KDVR) — The annual Daddy Bruce Randolph Thanksgiving meal handout is set to happen on Saturday, but the organization still needs to raise a good chunk of change before then.

“This year, we lost several of our major donors and we are having to purchase things that usually would be free,” said Xiomara Yanique, with The Epworth Foundation.

Yanique said they committed that 5,000 people will get a box of food that serves eight people total.

“That is what we have committed to 5,000 people. They have submitted for a basket. It’ll cost us $400,000 right now. We have raised about $160,000, so you can see we are severely short,” Yanique said.

Big donors wanted for Thanksgiving tradition

She said they are looking for an angel investor. She said she is asking if anyone knows someone in the entertainment, sports or business industries who could donate a good amount.

She said it also takes the community, so every small donation will help. It costs the organization $50 to feed a family of eight with each box.

“There are families who have donated in the past but have to receive a basket this year,” Yanique said.

The plan is to start setting up and packing boxes this Friday around 4 p.m. on Bruce Randolph Avenue near High Street. All of the volunteers will work through the night, then distribution will start on Saturday.

“Our theme for this year is unity at the table, thanks with giving,” Yanique said.

A row of people filling cardboard boxes with food
Daddy Bruce Randolph Thanksgiving meal (KDVR)

Right now, they have around 600 volunteers set up to help but need 1,000 in total. Yanique said they are looking for more volunteers.

If you would like to donate or sign up to volunteer, you can do so here.

“People are living paycheck to paycheck,” Yanique said. “Expenses, especially here in Denver, things have skyrocketed.”

Yanique hopes Colorado Buffaloes football coach Deion Sanders sees this story and feels compelled to help.