BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A delivery driver for a Boulder pizza shop has been arrested in two incidents where women accused him of forcing himself on them.

Serigne Fallou Seye, 22, was working as a delivery driver for D.P. Dough on College Avenue in Boulder when he allegedly pulled a college student into his van before having inappropriate sexual contact with her, according to affidavits released by the 20th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

While that Sept. 20 incident was under investigation, officers with the Boulder Police Department were called to D.P. Dough on Dec. 3 after Seye was allegedly involved in a second incident.

Now police are asking for people to come forward with any more information.

The affidavits for the two separate events were released Thursday, revealing the following allegations against Seye.

D.P. Dough driver forced woman into van: police

According to the affidavit regarding the initial incident, the University of Colorado Boulder student who was allegedly victimized contacted her resident advisor, describing the incident as a “sexual assault.”

She told police that she was walking home just after midnight when the occupant of a nearby parked red van that had its hazards on approached her at a fast pace while pointing at the vehicle.

While asking him if there was something wrong with the car, the unnamed victim noticed that the man did not speak English, but rather spoke in what she believed to be French. It was at this point that the man grabbed her arm before pulling her across the street to the van and pulling her inside.

The victim said that she resisted his advances, saying “no” repeatedly, but the man began to make out with her while filming it on his cellular phone anyway. She then said the suspect pulled her shorts to the side, exposing her genitalia so that “he could look at it.”

The victim tried to exit the vehicle multiple times but the suspect would not let her out and was instead trying to communicate with her via the use of Google Translate. He asked for the victim’s phone number, to which the victim responded with a fake number.

The suspect then called the fake number, noticed her phone was not ringing and took it from her. After looking into the phone’s settings and learning of her actual number, he added it to his own phone. He also added himself to her Snapchat contacts.

After several more attempts, the victim said she was able to exit the van and run away.

While she was fleeing, the victim heard the suspect, who was now standing outside of his car, yell “I love you!” several times.

She returned to her dorm and contacted her resident advisor, who in turn contacted the police. While she was speaking with police, the suspect texted and Snapchat-messaged the victim several times, including two pictures, phone calls and text messages.

The name of the account that sent the victim Snapchat messages was Seye Fallou.

The officer asked the victim to respond to the message that told “him to meet her outside of where he last saw her and she provided the address.”

The suspect responded, saying he was two minutes away from that address and was quickly pulled over in a red, four-door 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. When the officer who interviewed the victim saw the suspect, he “immediately recognized the driver as being the party from the Snapchat pictures.”

Through the use of Line to read, Seye was given his Miranda rights and was transported to Boulder County Jail without any further incident.

Charges filed against Seye in the Sept. 20 incident include:

  • Second-degree kidnapping (felony)
  • Criminal attempt to commit sexual assault (felony)
  • Unlawful sexual contact (misdemeanor)
  • False imprisonment (misdemeanor)
  • No operators license

Police: Man forced himself on woman in bathroom

Another woman, also a CU Boulder student, reported Seye entered the women’s bathroom while she was in there and “forced himself” on her and “forcibly kissed her” for several seconds, even as she pushed him off.

He asked for her phone and put his number in there, then texted her one line, saying, “Hi,” according to the affidavit. She did not respond.

Seye speaks Wolof, the language of Senegal, according to the affidavit. Police instead interviewed him in French using a translator application.

Seye told police that the woman asked for his phone number and denied her claims that he forced himself on her. Yet a friend of the woman noticed she had been in the bathroom for a long time and went to check on her, finding Seye “was standing very close” to her “as if they had just been kissing.”

The two then left Seye behind in the bathroom and called police.

Police found that Seye was already under a protection order from the September incident and was forced to wear an ankle monitor. He was arrested in the December incident on a count of misdemeanor harassment.

Anyone with more related information is asked to contact investigator AJ McNalley with the district attorney’s office at 303-441-3527 or To make an anonymous tip, contact crime stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (or x8477) or make a report to

FOX31’s Lanie Lee Cook contributed to this report.