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ATHENS, Ga.– Sports Illustrated is celebrating college football’s 150th season by ranking the top 10 all-time greatest mascots, putting the University of Georgia’s bulldog in first place.

The magazine includes both real and costumed mascots in this week’s edition.

University of Colorado’s Ralphie the Buffalo checks in at number six on the list.

Here are some fun facts about Ralphie:

  • Ralphie has always been a female
  • Ralphie’s handlers are a team of varsity student athletes called Ralphie Handlers
  • There have been 5 different Ralphie’s over the years, starting in 1966

Here’s the Sports Illustrated top 10 list:

  1. University of Georgia- Bulldog
  2. University of Oregon- Duck
  3. LSU- Mike the Tiger
  4. University of Texas- Bevo the longhorn bull
  5. Standford- Tree
  6. University of Colorado- Ralphie the Buffalo
  7. University of South Carolina- costumed gamecock named Cocky
  8. Western Kentucky- Big Red
  9. Syracuse- Orange
  10. Tennessee- bluetick coonhound named Smokey

The latest Georgia Bulldog is the 10th iteration of the mascot, which the magazine says has been a staple since 1956.