BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) – Boulder Police are actively investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened near 12th and Pennsylvania avenues early Sunday morning. 

“It’s a really scary time for CU students,” Jack Olson, a senior at the university said. 

BPD said police were responding to a separate disturbance call. When they arrived at the scene, there were several armed people shooting at each other. 

A video that’s making the rounds on social media shows how the shooting unfolded prior to police arriving. It shows several people yelling at each other in the street before one man pulls out a long gun and opens fire.

“These groups have been in Boulder for the last five weeks. There are two groups, they are here and violent,” Olson said. 

Olson said he filed a police report a few weeks ago about a group of armed guys. He believes that they were the same ones involved in the Sunday morning shooting.

“I think it needs to end. I’m trying to go to school, I don’t need to worry about shootings,” Hayden Black, a CU student who ran from the gunfire said. 

Other students that were at the scene expressed to FOX31 and Channel 2 their concerns about going out on Friday and Saturday nights. 

“I don’t know why you’re playing with guns like they are toys out in Boulder,” Black said. 

Olson also wants to know why students weren’t notified via an alert system about the shooting. 

“Shots were fired 100 feet from campus. I know it wasn’t on campus [but] something needs to be done because people aren’t safe,” Olson said.

CU Boulder Police said in part, in a statement, that there was not a threat to campus.

There was no indication of any threat to campus. However, university officials understand the campus community wants to be kept informed of incidents nearby, such as in the University Hill neighborhood, where many students, faculty and staff reside.

CU Boulder amplified social media messages from BPD as soon as emergency officials became aware of the incident and continued to share information throughout the morning on the CU Police Department and CU Boulder Alerts Twitter accounts.

CU Boulder also shared details released by BPD on the alerts website in the form of a CU Advisory. Here’s more information on this new tier of notification, including how, when and why the campus sends CU Advisories and how to receive CU Advisories. CU Advisories are posted on the alerts website and shared via social media.

The university encourages all community members to follow @cuboulderpolice and @cuboulderalerts on Twitter; to bookmark our alerts website and to sign up for countywide emergency alerts, which may be sent out during emergencies that occur off campus. There are instructions on how to sign up for Everbridge on the CU Boulder alerts website.

For questions about emergency notifications, contact the city communications and engagement office.

Statement from CU Boulder