BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Answering pleas for help in the fight against crime next to the University of Colorado Boulder campus is a surveillance camera now keeping an eye on the area near Broadway and 13th Street.

The eye in the sky can record, live stream and light up the area, and it also has a loudspeaker — all of it remote-controlled. Police say they hope it can help identify suspects immediately.  

“Cameras are put up all over the place. So I don’t see an issue with the camera. I think it’s good to survey the streets and try to identify the people that are doing these crimes,” CU Boulder student Dylan Lane said.

Police work to improve sharing safety information

Police for both the City of Boulder and the CU campus say they are partnering to have more officers on the streets when possible in what students describe as a crime hotspot.

“I think it makes me feel safer knowing that there is a camera watching in case something happens, like you can see what events occurred,” student Salina Le said.

Earlier this month, there was a shooting just off campus that sent people running. It happened in the area known as “the Hill,” where many students live and where Greek organizations have their homes.

“So a lot of things happen in this area, so it makes sense,” student Katherine Nguyen said.

On the CU campus, the total number of assaults reported was 16 in 2020. So far, this year there have been nine. A CU spokesperson pointed out some of the cases were closed immediately for various reasons.

Officers with both departments say they are working on a plan on how to get urgent messages out to students and the community more quickly and effectively. There has also been some seeming confusion about how students and the community get alerts about urgent matters.

The departments say they are working on a plan to help make information flow a little more smoothly and with more impact.