Editor’s note: the wording in this article has been changed to reflect that Anthony “Deuce” Roberson is no longer with the team.

(BOULDER, Colo.) — Following a string of sexual assault allegations, and numerous calls for expulsion, the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) football player, Anthony “Deuce” Roberson, is no longer on the CU Buffs football team, according to a statement from the university.

“Deuce Roberson is no longer with the football team,” CU Boulder’s Director of Communications, Steve Hurlbert, said in a statement sent to FOX21 News. He also stated that the university would not be commenting further on the situation due to privacy laws.

One month after Roberson committed to CU Boulder in December 2022, a petition was started by another student, and former high school classmate, Jenna Baker, calling for his expulsion.

The petition alleges over thirty sexual harassment and/or assault incidents committed by Roberson, spanning over four years, while he attended Palmer Ridge High School in Monument.

The petition, which received over 5,500 signatures, is littered with numerous comments alleging Roberson had sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, and raped them, or someone they knew.

According to an update to the petition, Roberson has also been banned from campus. FOX21 reached out to CU Boulder Police to confirm but has not received a response yet. Hurlbert did confirm that Roberson is still enrolled in the school.

“At least he can’t be physically close to other CU students at the school… This is a huge win for all the victims of Deuce already on campus and for all the girls who could’ve been easily victimized by him if CU didn’t come to their senses. Boulder has set a great example for how sexual assault should NEVER be tolerated,” Baker said in an update on her petition.

The El Paso County Sherriff’s Office (EPSO) had two investigations associated with Roberson. According to EPSO Public Information Officer, Karla Schmidt, the most recent one opened in February 2023 was for a “criminal attempt of posting, possession or exchange of a private image by a juvenile.”

This case was closed as of March 22, “because of statute of limitations,” said Schmidt.

The Sheriff’s Office also confirmed another investigation associated with Roberson from 2019, which is now inactive, but confirmed multiple victims listed in their records.

“I have serious doubts that [the] El Paso County Sheriff’s Office will investigate any allegations despite multiple women like me directly trying to work with them,” Baker added in her petition update. In a previous interview with FOX21 News, Baker said that she too had been a victim of sexual harassment from Roberson.

The university was reportedly first made aware of sexual allegations against Roberson on Jan. 14, when a CU Boulder student emailed the Office of the Dean of Students alleging that Roberson raped another student during their time at Palmer Ridge High School, according to students who have viewed the email.

Silence from the school and athletic department for almost three months had students and fans wondering if Roberson would be playing at the Buff’s annual spring football game. News of his departure on April 11 comes less than two weeks ahead of that game, first reported at the bottom of a “Football Notes” article by BuffZone.

FOX21 News will continue to track developments to this story.