FORT COLLINS, Colo. (KDVR) — Nearly 40 Colorado State University students, once part of a fraternity, are looking for a temporary place to stay, due to what city officials say is faulty plumbing.

The 38 students, once part of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, were still living in the off-campus building. A red, city sign posted out front says the structure is no longer fit for human occupancy.

“We’re not quite sure what to do,” said one affected undergrad. “A lot of us have nowhere else to go.” CSU is in the process of starting finals.

In a statement, the building property owner said they are committed to resolving the problem. A spokesperson for the university said its Housing and Dining Services is prepared to provide support and resources to help the students if needed.

“This week is supposed to be a study week,” another student said. “A week for you to prepare, and, we, literally, don’t have a place to live now. Nowhere to go.”