DENVER (KDVR) — The new Colorado State University Spur campus at the National Western Complex is being called a laboratory, a veterinary clinic, a market, a museum, an art studio, a classroom and more.

Vida, Terra and Hydro are not the names of three superheroes but the names of the buildings that make up the brand new CSU Spur campus.

CSU Spur will be home to science and research, and open and free for the public to come and watch.

The Vita building focuses on animal and human health. 

“You can actually watch a dog being spayed or neutered. You can watch any procedure that they’re doing so it might be an amputation and we can talk to the veterinarian’s team,” Kathryn Venzor, CSU Spur director of education said.

“We also do strengthening and conditioning. So you bring the horse right down in here, in heated water. But first, you have to rinse it off,” Venzor said.

In the Terra building, food and agriculture will be the focus.

“This is the Terra kitchen. It can be a teaching kitchen, so we will have cooking classes and demonstrations; we will have nutrition education classes,” Venzor said.

On the roof of Terra is more terra, like a rooftop garden.

“This is really the future, especially as our population in the world starts to move into urban areas. We absolutely need to make our cities more livable,” Dr. Jennifer Bousselot, department of horticulture and landscape architecture assistant professor at CSU said.

The Hydro building is still being built, but when completed in January 2023, the $200 million CSU Spur complex will be fully open, just in time for the stock show.