DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Four children fell through the ice at Crystal Lake Park in Roxborough on Tuesday afternoon, sparking a swift rescue operation by West Metro Fire and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies.

Police told FOX31 that two girls and a boy were pulled from the icy water, along with a teenage boy who was taken to the hospital.

Kristi Saine was pulling into the driveway of her home just off Crystal Lake Park when she heard the cries for help.

“I started screaming to my daughter, call 911,” she said.

‘Just help, call 911, we can’t breathe’

Tori Longo, 15, said, “I heard screaming so I went running down there, there were four kids in the lake.”

Longo said that as other neighbors ran to help, the trapped children yelled, “Just help, call 911, we can’t breathe.”

Neighbors became concerned when the children started to tire.

“The kids were so cold, you know they were trying, they were fighting, but they weren’t moving,” Saine said.

At one point, neighbors looked for anything they could find to pull the children out of the water.

“They were throwing garden hoses, I was trying to get a pole, one man did jump in,” Saine said.

First responders arrived in minutes, quickly saving the children.

The West Metro Dive Team and Douglas County Sheriff’s deputies confirm a teenage boy was rushed to the hospital, while two girls and another boy who fell through the ice were not injured.

‘When someone is needing help, you have to be there for them’

Longo said her family rushed them inside their home to get warm, loaned them clothing then comforted them until their parents arrived.

“When someone is needing help, you have to be there for them,” Longo said.

Neighbors agree that the lake is something they will avoid during the cold season from now on.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like for the families right now,” Saine said.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife issued a warning about unstable lakes, rivers and ponds due to dramatic shifts in temperatures over the past week.