DENVER (KDVR) — A car break-in, caught on camera, went south when the owner walked out to the crooks in action.

In North Park Hill, right across from a school playground, Ring camera video captured the minutes after Adam Vicarel got home from work Tuesday.

It was dinner time and you just never would have considered it,” Vicarel said.

Video captured shows a red sedan slowly rolling up to Vicarel’s car in broad daylight around 6:30 p.m., just a couple of minutes after he brought bags of groceries inside. One man in a ski mask got out of the car and headed straight into Vicarel’s while another man stayed inside the red sedan.

You can hear Vicarel ask the men what they are doing as he ran toward his car. He said right after asking, he had two guns pulled on him.

The reality is, obviously, you never know if people are going to have a gun or not,” Vicarel said. “ Had I known they had a gun, I certainly would have just let them take whatever they wanted.”

Vicarel said the crooks ended up taking about $10 to $15. However, after meeting with Denver police, he believes he isn’t the only victim of these thieves.

“In the time that they were at my house, I heard a few different calls of a red sedan going burglarizing multiple other vehicles,” Vicarel said. “I believe this car hit 20 or 30 other spots.”

If people notice someone breaking into their car, officials with DPD say the best route is to call police and not confront them. They suggest keeping a safe distance, being a good witness and gathering as much information as possible, so that when police arrive they have a better chance of identifying, locating and apprehending the suspect.

“In the last two days, I’ve played it through my head 50 to 100 times and continue to think of the fact that I could have actually been shot, and that’s a terrifying reality that unfortunately a lot of people are, whether it’s them, or their friends, or family, or close loved ones, are actually dealing with right now,” Vicarel said. 

FOX31’s Digital Data Desk crunched the numbers and found Denver’s thefts from cars have doubled from what it was pre-pandemic. Denver has also been at record highs for the last four months.