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DENVER — A Denver judge dismissed charges against a United Airlines pilot who was accused indecent exposure at the Denver International Airport’s Westin Hotel.

Andrew Collins was arrested Sept. 20 for standing naked in front of his 10th-floor hotel window overlooking the airport terminal. He pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge.

Now, Collins is suing the city of Denver after charges were dropped. The suit says Collins is entitled to at least $1 million.

“I do not want this to happen to anybody else,” Collins told FOX31 Friday.

“What the Denver police did is not right,” Collins added.

According to the police report, airport employees saw Collins touching himself while he was in his hotel room in September. His attorney argued that it is not a crime to be naked in Denver in a hotel room and that Collins had no idea people could see him when he partially opened the curtains.

“Had I known someone would have half a chance to see me in my window – shades wouldn’t be open if I didn’t have clothes on,” Collins said.

Collins tells FOX31 he hopes his suspension with the airline is lifted soon.

“Hopefully, I’ll get back to doing what I love to and that’s fly airplanes,” Collins said.