DENVER (KDVR) — A Metro Denver Crime Stoppers reward for information into an April 24 double homicide at a Denver restaurant is up to $32,600, the largest community-led reward in Crime Stoppers history.

Denver Police have still not identified any suspects in that shooting inside the American Elm restaurant, where employees Emerall Vaughn-Dahler and Ignacio “Nacho” Gutierrez Morales were found dead. 

“Every day that passes, it just brings more questions. Like why did it happen? Who did it?” Vaughn-Dahler’s sister, Danica Woolard, said. “Not knowing is what makes it harder to stay positive.”

Woolard said the reward increase means a lot to the family, as they continue to believe they’re just one tip away from justice.

“Having information that could lead to an arrest, I think that’s what everyone needs to start healing and moving forward,” Woolard said. “We’re all just kind of stuck where we’re at.

The reward is well short of two $100,000 rewards previously offered by Crime Stoppers, but both of those cases involved special rewards from one or two parties.

This reward is the result of money from multiple restaurants in the area, including those that participated in a fundraiser over the summer.