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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — The process to clear debris from the roads will begin Friday after hundreds lost everything in the Marshall Fire in Boulder County.

The city contracted crews will launch ‘phase 2’ of the debris removal process with “Right of Way” road clearing, which will focus on relocating the burnt and totaled vehicles, trees and trailers blocking access to properties within the burn areas.

The regions, and order in which the crews will sweep through them, is as follows:

  1. Sagamore (S1)  
  2. Old Town Superior (S2)  
  3. Harper Lake (L1)  
  4. Mulberry (L3)  
  5. Rock Creek (S3)  
  6. Coal Creek (L4)  
  7. The Enclave (L2)  
  8. Davidson Mesa (U1)

You can see the projected path of the crews on the Marshall Fire Phase 2 ROW Debris removal map.

The vehicles will all be towed to a secured storage facility, where they will undergo a vehicle identification number clearing process. Owners and insurance representatives will have access to their property once it has been registered into the system.

If you are trying to locate your vehicle, you can call 303.214.3203 or send an email to

This phase will follow phase 1 of the program, which came as a response to requests from those impacted by the fire for extra dumpsters for spoiled food. They were placed throughout Superior, Louisville and unincorporated Boulder County and will be emptied and replaced on Jan. 14 and 15.

Following the debris removal, Phase 2.B will begin, which involves curbside pickup for all fire-damaged fencing, patio furniture, trampolines and large vegetative waste. This does not include ash and prepackaged refuse and there is no start date as it depends on the completion of the current clearing.

The third phase of the program requires the person affected to opt into the program with the completion of a Right of Entry form, which must be submitted by Jan. 26. You can submit the form electronically, and you can learn more about the program on the Boulder County website. County officials expect this phase to begin in February and could take a total of six months to complete.

You can get answers to your questions by visiting the Debris Group at the Disaster Assistance Center, located at 1755 South Public Road in Lafayette, or by calling the debris hotline at 303.214.3203.