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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Frustration is growing over a dangerous intersection in Aurora, right near Smoky Hill High School.

Video obtained by the Problem Solvers from neighbors in the area shows a student walking in the crosswalk before she was hit by a car. It happened Tuesday morning near South Mobile Way and Smoky Hill Road.

There was no word on her condition as of the airing of this story. Officials with the Aurora Police Department confirmed officers responded just after 8 a.m. The crash involved three vehicles.

Students hurt in crash at same intersection

As FOX31 began gathering elements for this story, they ended up hearing from another neighbor, whose daughter was hit by a car at the same intersection two years ago.

“So it was actually right there, that crosswalk,” said Nikki Miguel, a senior at Smoky Hill High School. She shared pictures of what happened to her. “I was waiting at the light for my turn to walk … out of nowhere, I blacked out. I just blacked out,” she said.

Miguel said she has no recollection of the impact, but her body often reminds her through permanent scarring, road burns, therapy and even a torn ACL.

The Problem Solvers looked into the number of crashes near Smoky Hill High School in the past year. Aurora Police responded to at least 18 accidents, 11 of which were during school hours, according to the Community Crime Map in Aurora.

Meanwhile, the Problem Solvers obtained a video from 2022 that shows another crash where a student was hit at the same intersection. Both parents and students say crossing guards and better cameras need to be implemented in the area.

Cherry Creek School District responds

FOX31 received this statement from the Cherry Creek School District about Tuesday’s accident: “We are aware that a student was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street near Smoky Hill High School on Tuesday, March 7. First responders, district security, and school administration responded right away. Questions about the accident should be directed to the Aurora Police Department. The safety of our students is always our highest priority.”

School district sends letter to Aurora traffic manager

The Cherry Creek Schools Public Information Officer Lauren Snell provided FOX31 with a letter that the assistant principal of Smoky Hill High School sent to the traffic manager for the City of Aurora.

“I am an Assistant Principal at Smoky Hill HS. Your name was given to me by some parents from our School Accountability Committee. I believe you were working with them on the traffic light timing at E. Smoky Hill Rd/S. Laredo St. I am reaching out to inquire about the process for establishing additional School Zones and/or more signage, flashing lights, etc. at crosswalks or other traffic mitigation efforts around SHHS and LMS. We had a terrible accident yesterday where a student pedestrian was injured on Smoky Hill Rd. in conjunction with an accident. This year alone we have had three major accidents on Smoky Hill Rd. in front of the school. Last year a student pedestrian was struck crossing Smoky Hill Rd. as well. It is very common for vehicles to be speeding on Laredo St. as well during drop-off and pick-up times. I would also like to analyze more formal data on motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents around the schools on Smoky Hill Rd and Laredo St as well to support our need for these enhancements. Is that information you can access or is there a process for me to do so? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you and having some productive dialogue around the safety of our students,” Smoky Hill High School Assistant Principal Christopher Ness wrote and sent to Aurora’s traffic manager Wednesday.