Crash caught on camera in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood; residents asking for stop sign

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DENVER — An early morning crash at East 29th Avenue and North Gaylord Street has neighbors calling on Denver Public Works for help.

That crash happened early Friday morning and was captured on Shannon Wojcik’s doorbell camera.

“It was a very loud noise. You could hear it from very far away,” she said. “There was debris everywhere, three cars sprawled out in the intersection.”

One of the three cars involved crashed into a nearby home, causing a gas leak. That family was evacuated as crews worked to turn off the gas.

Natalia Mendlik was waiting to turn left onto 29th when her car was hit.

“It was a pretty terrifying situation,” she said. “I expected that mini van to be just on my window.”

The driver of the red car was cited for failure to yield, but neighbors say the speed of the other car speaks to a growing problem in the neighborhood.

Construction on nearby Interstate 70 and on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard has led to more cars — and higher speeds — on 29th.

“It’s became almost like a highway since I-70 closed for construction,” said Mendlik. “It’s supposed to be 25, but people fly 40, 50 mph.”

“We had a neighbor with a radar gun clock cars up to 60,” said Wojcik.

Twenty-ninth has no stop signs for multiple blocks between Williams and York. Neighbors are asking the city to change that.

“They’re going to be getting some calls from us,” said Wojcik. “Just to get some movement before somebody gets seriously injured or killed.”

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