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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — UPDATE: Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers caught and humanely euthanized a sow bear early Saturday near Manitou Springs.

“We believe this is the sow that aggressively attacked one woman in Manitou Springs and then chased another on Thursday night,” said Cody Wigner, Assistant Area Wildlife Manager for the Colorado Springs region.

Wildlife officers caught the bear not far from the scene of the attack using trained hounds, and was killed.

The sow’s cubs were also found and sent to a rehabilitation facility where they will be taught to avoid human contact before being released next winter.

“This is why we say ‘garbage kills bears’ and urge everyone to secure their trash cans,” Wigner said. “This is bear country. We need to keep them wild and not let them become trash bears.”

Original Story: Colorado Parks and Wildlife says a woman who survived a bear attack in Manitou Springs Thursday night is “very lucky” she suffered only minor injuries.

CPW says it is searching for a sow and her two cubs. The agency said the bears charged the woman, knocked her down and clawed her back.

The woman has three scratches on her back but was not seriously injured and did not go to the hospital.

CPW says a few minutes after the attack, a bear chased a different person in the same block just south of downtown Manitou Springs.

Manitou Springs police alerted CPW about the attack Friday morning.

CPW is asking anyone who sees bears in Manitou Springs to contact the agency.

According to Cody Wigner, CPW wildlife manager, the woman who was attacked is “very lucky” she wasn’t more seriously hurt.

On Friday morning, a man was seriously injured in a bear attack in the Aspen area.