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BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (KDVR) — This is a sight you don’t see every day, Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescued a moose that found its way into the basement of a Breckenridge home on Monday.

According to CPW, a call came in at 3:30 p.m. that a moose was trapped in the house located off of Ski Hill Road.

The curious creature had been grazing near the home when it fell through a snow-covered window well right into the basement.

When CPW officers arrived, they opened doors in the home to create exits for the moose. However, the exits required going up the basement staircase, and the moose was hesitant about leaving.

Ultimately, CPW officers tranquilized the moose and cut off its antlers so that it could fit up the staircase and reduce further damage to the home. CPW said that moose antlers typically fall off this time of the year anyway, and they will regrow in the spring.

The moose appeared to be healthy other than a small cut on its leg and was released back into the wild.

As unique as this situation may seem, CPW said it’s an important reminder about removing vegetation that may attract unwanted visitors from around your homes.

“It’s important that window wells allow people in a home to escape in the event of an emergency, but at times they can be hazards to wildlife,” said CPW Area Wildlife Manager Jeromy Huntington. “Removing vegetation that may attract wildlife around the vicinity of window wells and covering below ground window wells with approved grates that allow people to escape, will reduce the likelihood of wildlife becoming trapped, or in this case, having an unwelcome visitor in the home.” 

For more ways to avoid unwanted wildlife contact, visit CPW’s website.