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EVERGREEN, Colo. — A newly released video shows a woman feeding deer inside her Evergreen home.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released the video Monday afternoon.

The video shows a woman, Lori Dixon, luring three deer into her home and feeding them.

“These egregious acts of feeding wildlife need to stop. It is selfish and dangerous, for both the animals and people, plus it is illegal,” CPW wrote. “Let wildlife be wild, these animals are not pets.

CPW spokesperson Jason Clay said Dixon was issued a citation for unlawful feeding of big game wildlife. She was fined $550.50.

On Monday, Dixon said she was a veterinary technician for seven years and has worked with wildlife before.

“I do not advocate at all for people to interact with our wildlife, especially not in the manner in which I do,” she said, later adding, “If something comes to me and needs my help, I’m going to help it. That’s just who I am.”