DENVER (KDVR) – Starting in 2023, Colorado residents who complete their annual vehicle registration will notice an added $29 to their finalized registration fee.

The launching of the Keep Colorado Wild Pass program is the source of this added fee, and according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials, it offers residents of the Centennial State the chance to invest in the great outdoors and wildlife, all while gaining easier access to state parks.

However, those who buy an annual park pass in 2022 may find that it overlaps with the one they can get when registering their car in 2023.

Members of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission addressed this issue during their September meeting when they discussed a refund policy in the process.

Breaking down the annual pass refund by the numbers

“For annual passes, the refunded amount will be based on a flat prorated refund structure,” a release from CPW said.

This means that the refund amount for each pass buyer will equal the price of the original pass, divided by 12 months.

That refund will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and is expected to range between $3 and $10 per month. Multiply that total by the number of months that remain on your Colorado Parks and Wildlife annual park pass, and that is the total of your refund.

Passes that have been used for nine months or more are not eligible for this refund.

Residents who wish to apply for this refund must file within 60 days of purchasing a Keep Colorado Wild Pass with their car registration to remain eligible.

To receive your refund you may choose one of the following options:

  • Colorado residents may receive a refund through a CPW-managed online platform where residents will create an online account. The card on the account will be where the refund is applied.
  • The refund may also be given out in the form of a CPW Shop gift certificate.
  • The refund may also be given in the form of a check, which may take 90 days for customers to receive.

These refund programs will only be available during 2023 and 2024, which is how long CPW expects these pass overlaps to last.

Keep Colorado Wild: Where the funding will go

  • State Parks and Recreation
  • Backcountry Safety
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Local Communities

Qualifying tax-exempt military plates will receive the Keep Colorado Wild Pass free during the registration process.

For those interested in sidestepping this offer, the $29 pass is something you can opt out of when completing your annual vehicle registration process.