DENVER (KDVR) — For the next 16 days Denver is turning into a western wonderland.

The National Western Stock Show kicked off Thursday with its annual Stock Show Parade. 

Today in downtown Denver, the horns on cars were replaced by the horns on cattle. Which can only mean one thing: the Stock Show Parade. The historic Stock Show Parade trotted its way straight down 17th Street, did a horseshoe turn at Glenarm Place and came back up 18th Street.

Stock Show attendees from 48 states and 32 countries will spend an estimated $120 million on the local economy.

Lani Rich looks forward to the Stock Show Parade every year and this year the tradition starts with her six-year-old daughter Kai.

“Well, I like coming downtown but mostly just getting the stock show started, right? You get to see all the animals that come out and the cowboys, right, it’s a celebration,” said Rich.

Thousands of spectators pushed up against the white metal barricades, taking pictures, waving to cowboys, and just watching a much loved and living slice of Colorado history.