BROOMFIELD, Colo. (KDVR) — Thousands of Southwest Airlines passengers lost their luggage over the last few weeks, with some losing their flights as well.

One Broomfield family was heading to Hawaii. They didn’t make it, but their luggage did.  

For the Lindner family, it all started out as a simple trip from Milwaukee to visit family, to the sunny shores of Maui, Hawaii.

“We are kind of late planners because we travel a lot and we, I think, only planned this maybe three to four weeks,” said Mark Lindner.

They made the flight from Milwaukee to Phoenix. It was downhill from there.

“I saw flight attendants go on the plane and then we get an announcement about five minutes before boarding that they can’t board because they don’t have a first officer,” said Gina Lindner.

It was at this time the Lindners and their luggage said “aloha” and parted ways.

“When they told us that our flight was canceled, they said ‘we don’t know what we’re gonna do with your luggage but we think we might send it to Maui,'” said Gina Lindner. Apparently, they did.

“The luggage, they said, was in Maui,” said Gina Lindner.

Then after spending a couple of days in Phoenix, the Lindners rented a car and drove back home to Colorado in a snow storm, while their luggage was sunning in the tropics.

“I hope our luggage had a good time and I hope they had their Mai Tais and beach time,” said Mark Lindner.

Mark Lindner suggested a new slogan for Southwest Airlines.

“Bags fly free, people don’t fly. That’s what they need to change it to,” said Mark Lindner.

Hopefully, the Lindners will be reunited with their luggage after its trip to the islands.